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Thread: Any H4895 in North Yorkshire?!

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    Any H4895 in North Yorkshire?!

    HI Guys, I use H4895 and am getting low.. Ive ordered some from John at Stead Hall rifles but the delivery time is unknown, so im looking for a tub to tide me over. Ive tried my local gun shop and also Hannams, neither have this powder.

    Anyone know where theres some?

    At this rate im thinking of buying a keg full to avoid the obvious supply/demand issues which seem to becoming more and more frequent..

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    Now Ben you tried Planty's ! I hope somebody has some i need to make some bullets up for our wales trip next month !!

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    Planty said he has some on order, however, he also has some interbonds on order for me, that i ordered in mid October! Im not holding out much hope that he will be getting it pre WMS..

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    Have you tried Bond and Bywaters, although they are in preston, it might not be too far for you ?

    I also shoot at stead hall.

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    Not tried that fella, its a bit too far for me to be honest, unless i get mega desperate. Ive got enough powder left for 30 rounds and thats it! :-S

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    It shows up on Tim Hannams price list, try emailing them and buy it from the horses mouth so to speak.


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    Loads down this way, but at 46.99 1lb

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    ive spoken to hannams, they have stopped stocking hodgden powders.. Ive had luck though, Henry kranks have loads..

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    I would weep if I couldn't get H4895 anymore. It is a versatile powder that works in cartridges from .22 Hornet to 30-06 and is sterling for reduced loads to 66% of maximum. I just loaded some .222 using it. Same velocity as most other options but with significantly less pressure. My 30-06 load for my 03-A3 Springfield National Match rifle uses 4895 and a 168 grain match bullet and is Possible Capable out to 600 yards.~Muir

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    Ive got 2 tubs now, not a bad price to be fair. however, from what the shop says, it's only going to get more difficult!

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