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Thread: Wanted loads for 243win with 55grn nosler BT

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    Wanted loads for 243win with 55grn nosler BT

    Im going to load for a couple of friends who have 243 win. Since i ll struggling getting range time with them just wondered if any one had any proven loads.
    Rifles are both sakos one 75 and one 85.
    They are mainly foxing so have sourced some 55grn nosler BT.
    I have some bits of powders so any of these would used would be handy.
    IMR4320, H4831SC, H335, N130, N133
    Ill neck size some factory cases they have kept,
    Any loads would be apreciated

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    Managed to get some 65grn v max so scrap the 55grn loads.
    Please note NO bullets will be completly loaded with out friend been present who holds a 243 win on his ticket and i will not be holding any heads. [ as its been pointed out on another fourm, this would be illegal].

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    I would have a look at Reloaders nest. I suspect there will be suggestions for IMR4320 and H4831sc on there but your remaining 3 powders seem a bit fast for the .243, although I don't profess to be an expert.

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