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Thread: skinning deer

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    skinning deer

    hi guy's, right after talking to a couple of stalkers they both have options on when to skin the deer.(once shot before anyone puts it)one says asap the other says he leaves his for a couple of days.what do you guys do.cheers stav

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    In my own experience, it doesnt make a great deal of difference, although i can only speak for roe/red/fallow. I also never leave mine more than a week if im going to skin them.

    Once skinned, i leave them for half a day just to 'dry' before butchering. That is a personal preference though

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    Roe, I dont really notice the difference freshly shot or hung in the chiller for a few days.

    Reds - easier to skin when warm, I do like to partially skin - leaving the skin attached at the legs so the skin will cover the animal but be easy to remove once hung - saves the meat drying....

    Once hung for a few days skinning reds is tougher, but not impossible by any means - good way of staying fit,,,,

    Fallow - hate the greasy things - best skinned chilled IMHO - or by someone else!

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    Muntjac ... soon as poss especially still warm
    Fallow with a bit of fat as soon as the carcass has set.. ie that evening if shot in the morn or next morning if shot that evening

    Reds when ever

    Roe when ever as it just peels off
    Sika as soon as they set and same with CWD
    This I find suits me the best with least effort
    you can do them when ever you like
    the choice is upto you

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    Leave all my deer for 7 days in the jacket in the chiller. Muntjac I would skin whilst still warm only because they are a ******* to skin out of all the deer. You have to cut the whole lot off, and its a great deal more work when they are cold.

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    As soon as my energy levels are back up next day.

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