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Thread: deer species

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    deer species

    Heres a question Ive been asked I'll put it to you first to see the consensus of opinion .

    We have six species of Deer in the UK, we have Deer in Europe of the same species we have Deer in the USA, China, Japan , the list goes on and on .

    The Question : Can I carry out a level two stalk as a AW in any of these other countries, if they were stalking and shooting the same species as we have in the UK.

    If not why not, we have plenty of service men and women, that live in Germany, that stalk, there is also many people from North America and Canada that are on the site who may wish to stalk here at some time .

    If the law doe's change to ,you must have a qualification in a Deer related subject IE level, what ever how can these people get qualified .
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    I know a couple of guy who have shot Axis and other exotics in a park for DSC2 so I cannot see whynot.

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    Damn fine question that....

    Properly witnessed and when it's a home species it should be as valid as any home stalk surely? Axis in a park for level two, never heard that one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul at barony View Post
    Damn fine question that....

    Properly witnessed and when it's a home species it should be as valid as any home stalk surely? Axis in a park for level two, never heard that one.
    Bet It wasnt cheap either
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    I can't see a reason as to why not
    stalking is stalking no matter what country you live and hunt in

    on the list of AW's there are a few that are based in the Netherlands
    so I'm guessing this practice is already in play

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    Yes you can infact Peter purse glove gose across to Belgium and dose both lev one and lev 2 when he is there. The three chaps i had out last year from across the water all had LEV2 and were members of BASC
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    Many thanks gents for those that contributed to the answer having looked at the viewing into the 140s and the replies mmmmm.

    Just maybe I should have put something up about a French Knife or the SAS they both hit top viewing ,with very little content to what we're actually trying to produce, here thats better more competent stalkers with quality knowledge and skills .

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    Must be OK critera are to stalk shoot gralloch to the correct standard Deer anyone want AW somewhere exotic I only ask for expenses to be paid this could do with an all expenses paid holiday. bonus could be a free stalk.

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    I cant see why not , the level 2 book doesnt state what or where you shoot or has it changed recently ? Im all for folk training and learning a bit more , i thought i would do it before it becomes law and it cant hurt can it

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    I can't see why not all the states is that to achieve a pass at level two candidates must have demonstrated an ability to stalk and humanely despatch deer and prepare them for storage. They will have demonstrated a successful performance in the humane culling of at least three dear on separate occasions.

    I can't see where it specifies the geographical location or species, it is the candidate surely that is being assessed not where the stalk is taking place or the species involved.

    But I could be wrong I was once


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