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    Thumbs up blunder bus

    when my boss had a clear out of his fathers farm house he found an old brass blunder bus . he gave it to me and i stuck it on our shoot room wall . my mate has just seen a very similar model in a gun shop price 2.500 english pounds flipping eck just had a look on the web and sure enough they are well sort after .MINE has a sprung loaded bayonet but no ram rod . any ideas were to take for valuation etc ?

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    Tried to buy percussion blunderbuss a few months ago at a house sale. Probably Dublin 1830's. It made 750 plus premium and vat.

    Did not even have a makers mark or name on it.

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    you could try getting in touch with Bill Harriman via the shooting times or basc

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    its got a london mark on it will try and get some pics on soon

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