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    shooting collectables

    After reading norma 308s thread about his blunder bus got me thinking , ive got a few old keepering bits and bobs pole traps , gin traps a bag of old wooden dummy partridge eggs an old wooden game carrier for partridge wooden duck and pigeon decoys . What old bits of collectables are in your shed

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    I am a magpie when to comes to old shooting related equipment
    I have an 1920 circa clay trap,loads of gin traps from large rabbit to rat size, lots old 303 ammo boxes, paper shotgun cartriges,powder flasks, brass shot gun cartrige cases,reloading junk,old cleaning rods ,old fishing gear,shooting mags,bits off old hammer and side lock shotguns that were scraped many years ago .
    And best of all a framed picture of one of my ancestor's sitting with a group of livepigion shooters surrounded by silverware and there closed guns pointing in all directions , no o/u back in them days the photo is date 1897.
    I also have a painting of a Dalston black-red game cock dressed out for cockfighting dating from 1897 as well.this belonged to my great grandfather who was into cockfighting and was also a bit of a bare knuckle boxer in his day
    He died in 1940 by the way .

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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