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Thread: Starting north west meeting

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    Starting north west meeting

    Hi guys my m8 who is on SD as a large pub where we in the north west can meet have a chin wag and a few beers even during summer we could organise if there is enough a barbi
    so our very understanding better halfves can have some fun to, its just off the M65 on the outskirts of (Blackburn) and you dont now how hard it was for me to write that im from Burnley, we could start a NW SECTION, WHAT YOU GUYS THINK?????

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    Hi Mate,
    There's already a north west/Bowland meet that happens twice a year in Downham, just outside Clitheroe. Will send you the detail when i find them.

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    Hi Dingdong,

    Sounds like a great idea! I am new to stalking and would like to meet some like minded individuals who could offer some advice and support. I take it this would be a weekday meet as most of the chaps would be out at the weekends.


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