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Thread: Hawke scopes

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    Hawke scopes
    Anybody any experience of what i once regarded as air gun only hawke scopes that appear to be fuctional on a centrefire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxdropper View Post
    Anybody any experience of what i once regarded as air gun only hawke scopes that appear to be fuctional on a centrefire.
    At that price I'd get a Nikon Prostaff - which would wipe the floor with a Hawke
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    I was looking at those myself, to put on a rimfire. Good mag range, all the bells and whistles (IR etc) and still quite light. The air rifle (HFT) crowd seem to rate them and they are advertised as a lamping scope. Might suit a.22 centrefire ? Wouldn't put one on a stalking rifle.

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    I have a hawke 3-9x40 on my cz .22lr and it does the job perfectly at a very competitive price. As Rum Baba said I would not want one on my stalking rifle. Purely because of the optical quality you get with Schmidt, swaro to name a few.

    The scope only cost me 40 but then 20 for some hawke bases. Just to mention the scope has never lost it's zero and I have put it through some torture.
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    I was stupid enough to buy a Nite-eye to try out on the .22 L/R bunny waste of money and time. Will never bother with them again. It's your money so it's up to you but you asked.

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    ditto, nite eye is pants!

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    Have a look at MTC viper, or mamba range of scopes, uttings, sol-ware in tamworth also do them.

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    Never had a problem with the Hawke SR6 Niteye that sits on my .223 remy 700. I know a fair few foxes didnt like it much tho
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    had a nite eye on my 22-250 when i first got it grouped about as well as my shotgun uter pants
    cant say i was that impressed with it either on my 17hmr
    remember the old saying
    buy yuorself a good scope and buy a rifle with the change

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    In the cheaper market i think the simmons nightveiw take some beating.Very good optics for the money.Had one on my 243 for years and never moved zero.Nowadays i see they are tested for 1000 rds on a 375 hh magnum

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