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Thread: Moderators legal for Deer hunting in Montana?

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    Moderators legal for Deer hunting in Montana?

    I'll know tomorrow! The State Legislature voted on this measure today. If passed, Montana hunters will be facing all the trials and tribulations UK shooter face with taming their moderators.
    Montana recently passed a law that states that any moderator made in the state, sold in the state, and kept in the state is legal to own without federal licensing. THis allowance for hunting would be the next step. I am curious as to how it will turn out....~Muir

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    Moved to where? Here, evidently!~Muir
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    Sounds like you could do well making and selling mods in Montana.

    Mods seem to be evolving all the time. When I bought it last June my North Star looked modern compared to the bigger reflexes and T8's. Its already starting to look a bit old fashioned compared to some of the modern ones - Roedales etc.

    If mods are allowed it will be interesting to see what the first homegrown Montana ones look like and how they compare to the ones made for the European market. Very interested to see what happens.



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