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    Nosler Magnum TV

    I sometimes struggle to comprehend................

    I was looking at some of Noslers products/bullets, and came across their Nosler Magnum TV links. One showed a Father and Son Mule Deer hunting in Montana. The son had never shot a buck in his life, so that was the objective of the trip, honest enough I suppose...

    They stalk a buck and the son shoots high and misses clean,,from 300yds.
    After a while they find another, and the son (probably aged around 16), shoots and misses high,,from 350yds (with no BDC or turret system either),,the Father can be heard in the background saying "try just shooting a bit lower"..the son then pulls the trigger and the deer drops,,everyone jumps around acting like idiots... They go to find it and jubilantly talk about it being a 'perfect' shot, etc. but you can see the bullet exit wound in the centre of the throat, not even a neck shot, and I know they would have gone for a high shoulder aim,,as that's what's often done there.

    I struggle to see how Nosler endorses such behaviour, and the hunters are then forced to say into the camera "that's the Nosler advantage" cheesy...

    sorry,,,had to moan about it..nothing like the classy stalk of a roe buck with a nice saur, sako, blaser, etc. to within 75-125 yds, then dropping him with a clean chest shot, and instead of whooping and hopping about it, approaching with a 'thankful' smile, and conducting a clean gralloch rather than chopping the head off and sticking in a backpack...

    rant over..

    edit. Muir, I hope you're not offended old boy...not meant to be a dig at the US,,more the way this video portrays shooting practices.
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    I think that's awfully British of you PKL

    I know where you are coming from but not all American hunters are like that as I am sure you are aware + I am surprised at Nosler as well.


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