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Thread: Nice morning

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    Nice morning

    Was out this morning and what a nice morning to be out after the Hard frost lifted the deer really started to move. Some nice animals still around and makes you feel good to see them in such good nick .Most of them have winterd fine and now the green is comming through on the trees and the Hawthorn. Life should get easy for the city roe deer.

    A couple on the frost.

    Two more

    Nice young doe in real good condition.

    Wee Buck before a big lad pushed him off.

    Big Lad moving in.

    Buck under the pilon he got his eye on me.

    Young doe feeding around the willows.


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    Great photos 6 Pointer, im jealous I didnt get out this morning but tomorrows another day

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    Just the oppersite with us.
    Cold and frosty start arrived at darkish to watch a fox and 2 roe just heading back into the trees. Only to stalk all morning and see only 7 deer non shootable.
    This is my very productive ground and the deer just were not moving.
    Heard quite alot of barking all around as they were squabbling but with the big moon they had fed all night.
    Malcolm my helper went out on a cull job for me and its a large manor house with a 10 acre garden full of deer goodies.
    They have been seen every morning this week. He arrived and stopped 2 hours only to come away with a blank, nothing moved.
    We have had 31/2 days of thick fog think the deer all fed last night under the clear skies and didn't need to feed this morning.

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    Sorry about the shakes lads just a bit windy and the deer was at least 80 mtrs away.
    If you suffer from epilepsy dont watch this ha ha

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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    Your actually making me home sick!!!!

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    Bl**** hell, If those are the legs of your high seat in picture 6 how high is it?

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    Great pictures a pleasure to be out on such a nice morning and not at work

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    Was going out this morning but cryed off piddling it down here will go tomorrow morning though,nice photos must get myself a decent camera one of these days.

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