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Thread: Remington 700 Short action stock Urgently wanted

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    Remington 700 Short action stock Urgently wanted

    Hi Guys

    Well I have learnt my lesson. Im only buying guns face to face from now on.

    I have a remington 700 in 22-250. It has been painted in a tactical block pattern than Im really not a fan of.

    I want to get my hands on a replacement stock for it asap. Preferably a Houge as they are are a nicer material.

    But anything considered around that end of the market, Im not looking to spend custom money.

    Many thanks.
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    What part of the country are you, I may be able to help if you are local-ish.

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    Im not that far away from you, I'm in south dorset. Amesbury is sailsbury way right?

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    I'm a bit north of Amesbury which is a bit more north of Salisbury.

    This is a Butler Creek, Black, Pillar Bedded, ABS stock. 50.00 ovno
    I have another Laminated 'Williams' stock imported from the USA.
    It was meant to be project I had in mind, I was going to pillar bed, glass bed etc etc but never got round to it so it is still in my cupboard. 50 ono

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    I will bare those 2 in mind,

    My rifls is an ADL (internal mag) so i would need to buy floorplate furniture too to use that stock. If i cant get hold of a hogue which i what i really want I will be in touch.

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    Hi Tom the ones I have mentioned would need a lot of work on to fit an Adl action so they would not be a practical solution.
    I do have an Adl stock made by Bell and Carlson fitted with a 'Limb Saver' recoil pad but that does not come cheap.
    It has a semi beaver forend, is pillar bedded, made from black Kevlar and rippled for grip.
    I would expect that to change hands for 100.00 or very near offer.

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    any chance you gould send me a photo?

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    Dont suppose you have the parts necessary to convert to a floor plate?

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