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Thread: This mornings deer

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    This mornings deer

    Out this morning after a fox and to see what bucks were about,i thought i had blown it as i moved quite a few deer making my way to the seat .

    Didn't have to wait too long though before i saw a young buck in velvet larking about, a doe and her young made an appearance munching the last bit of corn around the feeders which badgers had spilled when they trashed my springs

    The young buck got a rude awakening too when the doe pushed him off his feed !

    No fox came to the bait so i had a wander, stalked down the edge of the wood to a buck out in the field that was shedding velvet.
    Where i was standing is the spot i hope to put a tower over looking an area of deer lawn.

    In all a cracking morning, will try for the red's next but thet are being more than elusive at the moment. Df

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    Nice video's, I look forward to seeing some of the reds.

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    Nice to see. hope you dont shake like that with rifle only joking

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    Well done DF some nices bucks to go at in a few weeks.

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    Enjoyed those clips, looking forward to the day when you get the Reds on film.

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    Gotta say they were very good clips. nice to see the behaviour of deer.

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    Cracking videos. Found the first one really interesting. Thanks

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    Your You tube is locked for me?

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    and for me, says they're private and I have to log in to see them. They must be interesting!

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    I cant view, You tube blocks the thread and says that the video is private.. Any ideas??

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