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Thread: SSG .308 10 Shot Mag

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    SSG .308 10 Shot Mag

    Hoping that someone somewhere might be able to help.

    Unfortunately one of the plastic clips that hold the magazine in the rifle has broken.
    Sportsman have informed me that this cannot be repaired but I am very reluctant to say the least to part with £120 for the sake of a little bit of plastic on an otherwise unblemished magazine.
    Please either reply or pm me if you can help or know someone that can.

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    Ben P,

    I sent you a PM a couple of weeks ago reference a magazine I had spare, did you receive it? I posted that magazine to Scotsgun yesterday as he had the same problem as you.

    Give him a PM mate and see if you can have one of the clips as I believe he only needs the one himself.

    Sportsmanís in Dorset sometimes gets second hand magazines in, as they said to me ''5 round only never 10 round ones''. I also used to browse the Austrian and German Ebay sites, I often saw them for sale on there.

    Hope you get sorted soon.


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