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Thread: .17 hmr

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    .17 hmr

    hi guy's. i,m in the market for a new .17 hmr. which one's are good and what is the difference between cz 452 and cz 455. so if you guy's were buying new which would you buy yourselfs. cheers stav

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    Hello stav,I shoot a cz 452 american with a 20 inch heavy barrel,its a little nose heavy so not so good from the shoulder but dynamite off the bipod or prone,seriously accurate and excellent value for money,I use out to 200 on calm days , and it always puts a smile on my face and i wouldnt part,i believe the 455 has a better trigger than the 452,but i am more than happy with the trigger on mine although i know alot of the cz shooters put brookes trigger units on them ( 12 ) and swear by them,cheers,lee

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    Hi Stav
    I use a anschutz 1517 thumbhole, a bit more expensive than the cz's but it's a quality peice of kit.I really do think its down to personal choice and your own budget, i don't think you'd be dissapointed with any of the poplar brands, good luck Dave.

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    I have a varmint barrelled CZ - brilliant for the long bunnies, and gets the numbers up, good bit of kit, my one took a while to settle, got the right ammo after a while, wouldn't swap it in.

    They don't do windy nights but that is fine .22 can do the work, then just get closer

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    Has got to be Anschutz for me, if you tried a CZ and an Anschutz together you'd think the same also. Price is the only reason you'd choose another brand.


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    i have the sako quad in HMR, very nice, no complaints
    very accurate but then I suspect most HMR will be more accurate than the person pulling the trigger!!

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    stav, the new 455 is along the lines of the Sako quad, it has interchangeable barrels in 22lr and .17 Hmr with an uprated action and trigger. I have a 453 in .17 this model has the set trigger, it is a very accurate rifle at a reasonable price.

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    + 1 for Anschutz with Remmington ammo

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    Anschutz 17/17 with Hornady 17grn. The Weirauch hw60 is really very nice too, short and very accurate. Better wood than the Anschutz.

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    + 1 for Anschutz also however with a thumbhole stock, only ever used Hornady 17 grn but what a great little rifle !

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