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Thread: Remington 700Bdl LVSF .308 Winchester

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    Remington 700Bdl LVSF .308 Winchester

    Remington .308 Winchester, Timney trigger, 1/2" unf x 20 TPI thread. Choice of original Remington varnished wooden stock or the laminated stock as presently fitted.

    Does not include the 'scope but can probably find a set of Leupold bases and rings.

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    what length barrel, how many rounds has she had through her?

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    That's a gift !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard577 View Post
    what length barrel, how many rounds has she had through her?
    Why , are you interested ?
    22" 1 in 10 twist, stainless, fluted. as per the Remy web site.
    Probably about 500, not used as a range rifle and mostly home loads of standard pressures, used for stalking/vermin/wild Boar so no chance of the barrel being shot out if that is what you are thinking/intimating.
    This is not one of your standard Remys, it had an RRP of over a grand when it came into the country via Edgar Bros.
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    Great look'n Rifle EMoC and a steal at that price, unfortunately I,m not in the market for one sorry.

    I'm sure you'll have know problem shift'n it.

    Best of luck Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    .308 lvsf

    Hi EMcC,
    Is the rifle still for sale please.

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    Sorry, this ad was placed almost a year ago.
    I was offered silly money for it so decided to keep it and am glad I did.
    I changed the stock on it and am now enjoying using it.
    I have recently had Muntjac, Fallow and fox with it.
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    Hi, thought that may be the case because of the date of the ad. Thanks for the prompt reply, will keep looking. Liked the look of the rifle with the laminated stock. Glad your enjoying using it again,

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    EMcC, since you've withdrawn it from sale, do us a favour and change the status to SOLD, then folks like me won't have to read all the way through to the bottom only to discover that it isn't for sale after all.


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