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Thread: Bushnell lazer boresighter

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    Bushnell lazer boresighter

    Sighting in on the range the other day i set the zero on my sauer 202 forest in .308 win @100 yards 50mm above centre . On returning home i mounted up the boarsighter to see and record the actual location of my zero relative to the boar sight . it was so far out i ran out of ajustment on my scope i have done the same on 3 other rifles with the same results some are to high some are left some right of zero. HELP

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    As I understand it, these are simply an aid to assist in zeroing a rifle. Gun shops use them so that when you first zero the rifle the bullet should, hopefully, hit a sheet of A4 paper - that's how accurate they are.

    Because of the tolerances firstly in the rifle barrel and then the boresight mandril, they will never be 100% accurate.

    To try and explain, put the boresight in and make a note of how far off the centre of the grid it is. Take the bore sight out and put it back in and, from my experience, you will get a different reading. There is simply too much movement in them to be spot on every time you use them.

    If you can access back issues of the Stalking magazine, there was an interesting article on this topic a few years ago.

    In my flush of buying every piece of stalking equipment I could, I bought a boresighter several years ago but it now sits in its box along with all the other sh**e I bought on impulse.


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    hi Yep i agree with your last post get you on A4 sheet . But this was so far out you be lucky to hit the same county.I have had a good look at the unit and found that the lazer lens is not centre to the unit. Took it back and i had a look at the others in the shop thay were all same not one had a lens that was centre. Took a refund

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    I use an old fashioned shot saver which is useful on occasion to see if POI has moved after rifle or sight has had a bump.

    A friend sent me some pics he got off the web about what not to do. The pink object is the remains of the laser boresighter.

    Think of all the fun of explaining to the police of why you want a new rifle and what a responsible person you are!


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