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    Sorry missed the bit where you had to introduce yourself, so here it is.
    My name is Tony I have held a FA and shotgun cert for around thirty years. My current weapons are a Brno 22Lr a CZ 453 .17hmr and a T3 super varmint in .204. and several shotguns. I am interested mainly in pest control for many local farmers and have a 300 plus acre shoot in Yorkshire.
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    Welcome Crow man, were abouts in lancs.??

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    Thats ont duwer step, will have to meet trying to get a few together at my mates pub just on outskirts of .......its hard to say this word BBBBBBLBLBLABLACKLBLACKL oh hell ok blackburn, he he he he.

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    Which pub is that? What type of shooting are you into.

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