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Thread: The lake district

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    The lake district

    Just returned from the lake district. Went to places that I had not been to since I was about ten. You lot up there are so lucky. Sat up on steel edge above Patterdale with my camara and just soaked it up. Nothing to do with deer but so what.


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    Yes we are lucky Mark but we take it all for granted somewhat,
    Every other Year I like going to the Scilly Isles and Cornwall as I think thats gorgeous and the people i speak too down there come up to the Lake District and rave on it, I think a lot of it is complacency we just take it all for granted.
    We shouldnt but we all do, I bet down were you live it also has its beautiful areas.

    P.S Next time you visit The Lake District place TARN HOWSE on your list of places to visit the views are something else

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    Mark there is some good stalking there too

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    I won a morning stalk in the H4H raffle in Cumbria, going on Tuesday looking forward to it very much.
    We go up there walking quite a lot, will be great to be taking my rifle for once to such a beautiful place.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Aye your right mark, I grew up there and began my gamekeeping career there and it is a fantastic place, I often fancy moving back there but the weather is much better on this side of the country in North Yorkshire.

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    You guys are right , we live amongst the best scenery this country has to offer.


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    Aye, I had the good fortune to spend most of my free time on our mountains before heart surgery screwed my life up.
    Reds below Brock Crags, Hartsop.

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    A Red on Rough Side, Kirkstone Pass.
    I shot my first deer on here in 1961, a cull stag.

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    Dont tell any more people abut the lakes. we are already full of Gar-yams
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    Evening invasion of mountain Reds at Martindale.
    No problem here as the sheep, deer and land are in sole ownership.

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