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    Forestry Commission Bristol


    This one is for any Bristol based Stalkers...

    Does anyone know whether the forestry commission have leases in place to manage the deer in the Failand/Wraxall/Leigh woods areas? Just read an article in my local paper highlighting the increasing problem with roe deer in these areas. Residents are complaining that the deer are coming from the woods into their gardens and devastating their roses and vegetables. Some are having to resort to erecting fences and netting! Sounds as though no one manages these woods...any clues?

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    Most of said ground is estate owned but ring the forestry and ask you might get a bit of luck ...most of wraxall is part of a estate i worked there a few years back and there were a load of deer there,i asked and was told some one shoots it ....have a drive around and ask a few people they will soon let you no who owns the ground good luck dave

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    As usual the papers have probably got it all wrong. I know one guy who along with his mate shoots this are and I would guess that if there was any stalking going they would have tied it up by now. Wraxall hall is owned by the National Trust now isn't it, my sister lives locally and you can look across the fields from her house towards the house.

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