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Thread: Well Done to Jimbo123p

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    Well Done to Jimbo123p

    Through the SD I met up with Jimbo123p. Him and I were the prime movers in getting a local DMG underway and for his efforts/support I thank him. When I first met Jim not being unkind but he had lost the motivation to get his DSC 2 completed, in fact he had registered, received his portfolio and it had gathered dust in a drawer for over 2 years.

    The big guy took the kick up the arse well and within a couple of weeks he had brushed up on his skills and we had one stalk successfully completed. A short time after that with the assistance and generosity (ha ha) of 6pointer number two was under the belt. Over the last month or so as time has allowed Jim and I have been out a few times but either saw nothing or what we did come across did not fall within my cull plans. Back out this morning and within an hour of arrival at the ground and after a well planned stalk Jim took a nice and very safe 150yd shot in what is a difficult area to shoot. A competent gralloch and stalk three was completed.

    From gathering dust to a man on a mission. Well done Jimbo.

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    welldone gazza and jim its a great feeling to get level2 done
    atb tom

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    well done jim

    well done jim, glad your all sorted and done mate.
    get the book away mate and await that golden ticket.

    atb frank

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    Gazza and 6pointer well done for sorting jim out.
    that clock was fairly ticking away jim, good you got the three done in time.
    Good to see the Dmgs working so very close together like they are.
    That's what it is all about the boys at the top table looking after fellow members.

    again j well done

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    Well done Jim i had no worry,s that you would get it done. I was glad to meet with you on a personal basis and can only say what a true gent you are. But the main thing is the stalking and at that sir you excel.
    Paperwork this end finnished and i will now move on to some other pour bugger.

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    Many thanks fellas. For those not in the know I took 6 pointer up on his free AW offer. Through that he filled me in for my 2nd stalk. Gazza did stalks one and three as a L2 witness. He took me twice to Hawick and four times to his other ground in Lanarkshire at his expense. Diesel money offered and refused. My total financial loss for his two stalks is a burger roll in Hawick When I got the new moderator he even took me to another of his sites to check my zero. When I registered I was a syndicate member but parted company. I never had a site with sufficient deer to engage a witness. I stalked a private forestry company so only needed level one. The portfolio sat in a drawer. When the writing is completed and it is sent in it is a "Just in Time scenario. It lapses on 4/4/11.

    I see me having to do a CBStalker stunt and drive round with a few bottles in the boot.

    Thanks again to the Stalking Directory community, There are some true gents on here,

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    Well done to both of you for give'n jim the motivation, it's good to see guys get'n on with the job in hand.

    I had a rocky start with my own, but am now on the right track. As they say "one door opens as another closes".

    All the best Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Well done Jim

    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    Well done Big fella, what goes around comes around.

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    well done mate i have just completed mine to with days to spare and i couldnt have done it without 6pointers fantastic offer

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