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Thread: Cheap 17hmr Ammo

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    Cheap 17hmr Ammo

    guy's if anyone with a 17 is interested, country ways in West Malling Kent is doint 17g V-MAX for 9.50 a box (Red tipped) hope its not cheap because of Dodge1942's near miss!
    I've had about 3.000 from there over 12 months and had no problems with the bullets


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    What time did you call in there Tony. I was picking up shot gun cartridges between 12:00 and 13:00 today.

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    Must of been about then, i left chris potters at about 11.30 ish after looking at scopes and went straight there, was there for a while because my mate was looking at a coat and i was trying to get a mount to fix a cree torch to my 17.
    we will meet one day Milly

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    I will give you a call Monday and see if we can arrange it.

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