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Thread: Remington Rear trigger guard screw

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    Remington Rear trigger guard screw

    Can anybody give me a clue as to where I can get a rear screw for my Remy trigger guard.
    I have changed my stock and the standard screw is about 5mm shorter than I need to come to the the top of the action strap.
    It does hold and I could manage but I would prefer a screw that comes level with the other metalwork.
    Thanks in advance for the help I am sure I will get.

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    Hmm, I am surprised by the lack of response to my post
    Either the question is too easy and the readers know I'll sort myself out come Monday when the Gunshops open or they think I'm stupid
    I only asked because I thought I might be able to clear one from somebodies shelf that had been sat there for ages
    Rimfire Magic and Riflecraft will get a call tomorrow and I'm sure I'll be sorted

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    I had the same problem a while ago but with the front action screw on a Rem 700 ADL, I changed the original stock and the screw didn't fit, my solution Midway Norway. As you said Dave(Baldie) or Riflecraft can probably help.

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    dont think you were silly to ask, but i just did a search for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by treestand View Post think you were silly to ask, but i just did a search for it
    Thanks for trying.
    I've already looked on their site and they are the standard size, exactly the same size as the ones I have already.
    I need one about 5mm longer than the standard bolt.

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    Don,t see why EDGAR BROS.

    Can't help, they are the UK inporters. I've found they're staff only to happy

    to help, even though they don't deal with the Public, Im sure you'll overcome that.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I had no joy with Edgar Bros I'm afraid but Riflecraft were/are very helpful and at a fraction of the cost of a Midway bolt.
    I am now sorted, thanks for the info/input.
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    Look in the USA, i needed two for my remington seven (new stock)! tried everywhere in the uk one place quoted me 8 per screw.
    Found them in the US includeing shipping cost 3 and arrived in less than a week

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    next time try Numrich in the USA they are fantastic to deal with, and cheap.Numrich Gun Parts Corporation

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    I'm presuming it's an andonised bolt your after, if so and your local gunsmith can't help I'd take it to a motorbike repair/accessory shop and they're bound to have one which could be shortened if too long.

    Cancel, just realised how old this 'thread' was, pardon the pun!!

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