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Thread: Copper hunting bullets

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    Copper hunting bullets

    Hi Guys

    Check this website out. I have been using these bulets for the past year and they are truly amazing.
    I get 3100 fps with a 120gn bullet out of my 308. Zero 50m zero 200m.
    on 42 gns of RL 10x.
    The 7 mm is @ 3200 and the 375 H+H @ 3300 giving amazing groups and flat shooting.
    The concept is quite radical but works really well.


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    Hi Mark, they are fast. What is the nose design on these bullets and what are thier terminal ballistics like? Do they leave lots of copper in your barrell?


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    Hi Swampy

    THe terminal ballistics are excellent. The plastic tip just makes the bullet more areodynamic, nothing else. The hollow point fragments abut 5cm into the beast creating 4-5 large secondary projectiles that penetrate another 10 cm in various directions. The bullet retains 80% weight and becomes a flat poiny cylinder which is very stable in tissue and leaves a relatively clean exit.

    THis is fairly typical or the carcass damage.
    As only the drive bands engage the grooves there is very little friction, the shaft of the bullet is subcalibre. Fouling is much less than a standard bullet and the barrel heats up less. Pressure is more even in the breach and groupings are less sensitive to powder variation. My 375 groups 16mm 4 shots from the published receipe so nop expensive load development required.


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    Been to the website Mark mentions above and have been trying to get through to a friend who works for NASA to try and understand what it all means!

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    No doubt


    I'm not doubting the results. I'm doubting my ability to get a result that doesn't peel back my barrel.


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    As the only part of the bullet engaging the lands and grooved are the thin annual rings there is very little friction in the barrel.
    Therefore breach pressure is 30% lower than a conventional bullet and more consistent. Graphs on request .
    In my 7x64 I place 55gn RL15 and the conventional 139gn ballistic tip achieves 2900 fps. With the 120gn copper bullets the same load achieves 3300 fps.
    Also so little copper is engaging the barrel cleaning it is very easy.


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    I looked at the link and also got my head spinning but the big question is where can you get these bullets? and How much do they cost?


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    Delivery is about a week if you are looking at standard calibres. Cost is @ 120 euro/100 but email Lutz for specifics.
    I use them for hunting only and do my practicing with homeload ballistic tips (non premium).

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    Hi Mark,
    I contacted Lutz and he quoted me 140 euro per 100.
    I asked for some .243 in 100 grn and .308 in 180 grn but due to their extraordinary performance he suggested 77 and 123 grns to produce the same performance.
    I was not convinced so will carry on with my present bullets but can see the copper bullets becoming compulsary in the future, maybe not in my lifetime (aged 67) but the way the world is going I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

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