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Thread: Getting some experience

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    Getting some experience

    Hello all
    I have been shooting a long time, and in the past have shot a couple of deer with friends.
    A while back I did my level 1 with the idea this would help get further involved with stalking.
    Living in East Lothian this did not help.
    Recently I have decided to get more into stalking and with this in mind, have been to a couple of BDS meetings and have met some decent folk.
    I started out looking for a syndicate place and had a couple of very good offers of places from folk on here (thanks) ,but after some serious consideration I have decided that at the moment, I do not have the knowledge or experience to take these offers up. They both offered the possibility of Red, and I would have hated to put myself in the position where eagerness put me in a position I could not handle! (shooting a muckle beast miles from the car or similar).

    I want to build up my knowledge this year so have decided to do a few day stalks under the guidance of someone in the know.
    I hope to keep you all posted with how I get on, and if anyone is in the position to help out (own gun ,insurance,level 1 etc etc) I would love to hear from you.
    I would consider a syndicate or similar with small numbers expected ,something where hopefully other members could help teach me the ropes.

    Thanks all.


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    sounds like you need a mentor mate ,i have been lucky and met a great bloke who took me under his wing and i have had some great stalking .just wish there was more guys like him willing to show blokes like us how to go on unfortunantly a level 1 wont get you deer stalking i am sure it may give persons some knowledge but this is no substitute for hands on experience with a competant stalker .there are many really generous blokes on this site and heres hoping someone in your area will help .
    good hunting

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