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Thread: .22wrf

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    I know they are slightly less common than an honest politician but has anyone got a suggestion where I might find some .22WRF's. Apparently, CCi/Remington make a few every once in a while just to tease, but they never seem to get out of the States.


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    I take you are talking about .22 winchester rimfire magnum? If so hardly a rare calibre Knottaclu, most gunshops will stock .22wmr ammunition.

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    No, unfortunately not. The 22WMR is the more powerful successor to the 22WRF (or perhaps I should have said Winchester Rimfire non-magnum) and whilst you can use WRF in a WMR gun, the reverse isn't true (particularly as it's a venerable Winchester Model 1890).

    Thanks anyway,

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    CCI does catalog them on a regular production basis. If you were here I'd give you several boxes.~Muir

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    Sorry Knottaclu but I thought you were asking about wrm. I've never seen anything advertised or in gunshops about the .22wrf so I guess they must be pretty rare in this country.

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    That's a kind thought, Muir. Without wishing to intrude - may I ask where 'here' is?


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    Across the Wine Dark Sea in the US, I'm afraid. I have several boxes I used for a test in a series of 22WMR weapons. The WRF will work in the 22 Magnum, but not the reverse.~Muir

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    I had presumed that you were. The reason I was interested was that I was wondering whether reloading supplies/cases etc. for 22WRF existed on your side of the pond. If (as it seems) ammunition is not going to be found over here, the only remaining possibility is to make some up and the home of the Winchester must surely be the best place to look.


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    This 22 WRF cartridge is a rimfire. Making them up would be very difficult.~Muir

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    Mmm. It would be getting to the desperation stakes. I have heard stories (probably nonsense) over the years of people handloading rimfires - either via primed cases or re priming used cases - and thought if it had ever been really done, it would a wildcatter from your way.

    It is just a shame to retire such a great gun because of lack of ammo.

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