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Thread: Counryside/nature educational stuff for kids

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    Counryside/nature educational stuff for kids


    this is a bit off a strange request but i was wondering if anyone can help me.

    I do a bit off volanter work with the local wildlife trust (mainly chainsaw/climbing and skilled manual labour type things nothing intelectual, thank god) as well as being on the comitee. I'm slowly gettin the comitee trained and round towards 'killing' things is not always a bad thing althou some are a lost cause

    The reserve manager was on the phone earlier and wanting sort off wildlife/countryside type tales off working on the land type stuff. He has a few parties off primary school and slightly younger kids coming to the new resource centre and is jist wanting intresting fact type stuff to try and get them intrested in nature. He's an ex teacher and is good with the kids but jist wants more hands on type stuff.

    Wot i was wondering is... Does anyone ken where i can get educational type 'resource' that would suit kids but still put accross a true picture and not the 'disney' picture u usually get off the countryfile types. I remeber reading that some organisation had a teaching dvd made about a cartoon keeper, does any one know which org it is. (i'm in basc,sga and gct and dinae think any off them but will be phoning them for advice/stuff)

    Does anyone have anyintresting skull collections, or even jaw bone collections that they are wanting rid off or we could borrow for a while until i get some myself. Even good photo's off classic deer damage/browseing type off thing

    I can still remember going up to ronnie rose's place almost 25 year ago and got his 'circle of life' talks and him showing us skulls and droppings and that type off stuff. After that spent the next 2hrs running round the woods picking up every bit of animal ***** i could find to ask wot it was. It's probably him that started me off into nature and then ferretting, shooting

    Cheers for any advice. cb

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    What about your local BDS education officer, might they not want to come along and give the little darlings a talk/slide show/ Q&A session?

    If not, do you have a natural history museum or agricultural college near you, they may run educational visits?


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    NGO do a cd rom for that sort of thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    NGO do a cd rom for that sort of thing
    As above post contact the NGO they have an educational CD aimed at schools kids. You could also try the Game and Wildlife consevancy trust, they will have plenty of fact sheets especially on grey partridge number and the affects of predation. Hope this helps.

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    Some good stuff on the BASC web site.

    I'm sure they would be willing to help if you got in touch.

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    I think its the Countryside Alliance's "Countryside Investigators" - a programme for primary schools: the Countryside Investigators

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    I hope that between the BDS, CA, NGO and BASC you have enough info , but if not please contact any or all of us for more help.

    Best wishes


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    Cheers folks for thr reccommendations.

    I've no long came out o a committee meeting for the wildlife trust the nite.

    Sometimes i wonder. They are all fair chuft they are regulary seeing stoats and weasels and corbies around the reserve as well as a lot of predated mallard eggs and then they wonder why no ducklings. they obviously havenae clicked how i get my stoat/weasel skulls.

    Basically it's more hands on stuff he's after, i'm going to try and get him as many different skulls as possible(mustelids,fox as well as deer) old nests predated bird eggs stuff like that, i will try and get some deer jaw bones too to show how they wear with age. I will pass on the sites so he can get info to form stories/facts round the objects.The reserve manager (an ex biology teacher who is doing the talk not me, thank god) The hide/resource centre was only built last year and is quite good, modern and high tech wi smart boards and stuff like that, he'll talk for short time then out into the reserve woods and back in. He's planning to do something with dissolving owl pellets as one off the things

    I've still to get onto the NGO but will tomorro, but that was the dvd that i had seen being adertised

    Monty i think the game conservancy stuff will be a bit complicated,I will give them a bell thou jist to check. I'm a member off it and they do carry out some quality reseach that really shows the benefits of shooting/habitat management/predator management

    David & Scott c, i had a had a geid blether wi donald from the scottish office on monday and he said there is a lot more to be coming online in the near future a sort off teachers pack type off thing which should be ideal for wot i'm after.

    Cheers again

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    I have jist had a quick browse throu the gwct site and i was totally wrong some quite decent stuff there for all ages off kids.

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