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Thread: MARBURG/L Scope

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    MARBURG/L Scope

    I inherited a MARBURG/L VUPRA 6 X 42 could anybody tell me if they are still in production / UK agent as the light gathering is exelent and i would like to get on with slightly more mag for my foxing rifle.

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    Marburgh is a city in Germany.
    A famous scope-maker called B. Nickel was based there and produced `Supra` scopes.
    I believe they did a 7-12X model plus various others.
    I do not know if the firm is still in business.


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    Nickel Rifle Scopes Website


    Nickel is still in business, have a look at their English website here:

    Nickel AG: High-End Riflescopes


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    Many thanks for the info.

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