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Thread: Big Bores on UK Quarry

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    Big Bores on UK Quarry

    It seems to be a bit of hit and miss with various FLD's around the country when it comes to using big bores in the UK. I know there's people around who have the .375 for UK use, I actually know someone with a .416 for use on UK boar, however, there's some regions that won't even consider the .375 or upwards for anything other than 'sport abroad'. It seems rather pointless as bigger doesn't always mean more "dangerous", in fact, many 'big bores' actually a have limited trajectory and are really intended for close range work.

    I found a very nice 450 Marlin in bolt action form by Mannlicher, and I think it'd be perfect for boar and Sika/Fallow. It does fire a large heavy bullet, but the velocity of this round is fairly low and can cause little meat damage if loaded correctly.


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    Norfolk granted me a 45-70 for use on deer, and it was excellent. I didn't have it for long, but it accounted for a good few muntjac. You're right about the carcass damage, it's a lot less than with a HV cartridge.
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    It's strange isn't it and symptomatic of the uneveness of interpretation.

    I've got a couple of pals here in Norfolk who have 375's - both originally got them for Africa but have got permission to use them here in the UK. I wonder if it is some sort of perception that the larger calibres attract the 'wrong' sort of (macho) people or even a class thing that only 'posh' people have/want them and therefore should not be allowed in an egalitarian society. In any case, as you point out, there are other smaller calibres which have the potential to be at least as dangerous.


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    The main symptom at the centre of the problem is,the people who are supposed to be regulating the sporting use of firearms, are in the main, completely free of any training or understanding of that which they hope to regulate.
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    I use a .444 mariln that is cleared for Deer,wild boar, fox and vermin .
    Never had any problem with the police when granting me the .44 caliber though i did ask before i put in for the variation for it as i was torn between it and a 9.3x62 .
    My Flo said as long you have a use for it then you can have either of them or both .I chose the .444 as trying to get a 9.3 in a left hand action is like finding rocking horse poo!! and at the time i was quoted 18 months for a New Sauer .

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I'm a fan of 'big bores' and seeing them being refused for UK use is a waste of their potential.

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    I've got 9,3 cleard and am on the way to getting .416 cleared for reds.
    Apparently ACPO Ltd don't like it! Bunch of *****s.

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    I have a .375 for use on deer in Scotland, useful as I live in Hampshire. I applied for a .300W Win Mag and a .375 H&H on the same variation, bizarrely I had more hassle from the Chief Firearms Officer over the Win Mag than the .375.

    What I find interesting is the random manner in which Firearms depts decide who can and cannot have expanding ammo. For instance I am allowed 500 rounds of expanding for my .375 whereas a good friend who uses his .375 far more frequently and is a ex forces sniper is not allowed any expanding. Crazy.

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    I don`t think random is the word sticks, inconsistent or there might be other words.
    Was just looking at my U.K fac, its not run out yet and though I never coming back its interesting to look at it,as it gives more reading than my NZ one which is just a credit card type thingy.
    West Mercia were always pretty good to me, and I am still loking for the legal guidelines/law or whatever on MAXIMUM calibre allowed for deer etc, and guess what I can`t find it.Seems like West Mercia still being sensible to the license holders as mate of mine got a 500-416 for boar (and deer I think).I wonder if there is a %tage rates for different f depts and who grants most of the larger calibres.

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