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    New lamp

    Hi guys I'm after a new lamp needs to be hand held good beam for lamping charleys what do you suggest iv got a light force but not keen on the wiering also got a deben tracer max but Dnt think it gives a good enough beam. Bin looking at the u caller night eye any one tried one before?

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    Cluson shootlight

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    I got my striker 170 re-wired by one of my friends, (simple task for sparky) because of the same issue, now still going strong.

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    i was looking at a 170 what is wrong with the wiring?

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    Unless they've changed it, i put a on dimmer switch connected by slimmer(still heavy enough duty) more compact wire instead of the coiled version provided. This plugged straight into a lithium ion battery, via bullit connector. the lead acid battery packs provided have poor, flawed wiring connections. (i've got both shoulder and belt packs which i might add, no longer use.)

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    I've got the striker 170 and had a problem with the switch so I rewired it with Cluson cable and switch, as for the lamp itself cannot complain,

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    Bought a Cluson Blazerlight last year, great lamp - we use it with an amber filter for foxing.

    Recommend it!
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    cluson 2 with lithium battery pack
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    cluson led clu briter

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    The Cluson Clubriter is very good indeed.
    I understand Deben have now produced their own handheld lamp which is a copy of the Lightforce but with the wiring problems both inside and out sorted, Should be worth a look.

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