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Thread: RCBS X Dies

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    RCBS X Dies

    Hello Gents

    Has anyone experience of using the RCBS X sizing dies. They are suppose to eliminate having to trim the brass each time.
    Like a great many homeloaders i am normally very fussy about brass preparation. not totally anal but particular.

    However with the time constraints of work i see big advantages in these dies if they really work.

    If it is the case i will be selling some very nice pieces of reloading equipment in the future.


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    I've no experience of using X dies but did enquire about them on the Edgar brothers stand at the CLA some years ago. The explanation given as to how they work didn't impress me and I wasn't inclined to rush out and buy them. My thoughts are that if they are so good why haven't they caught on, after all they have been around for years.

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    They don't sell here. Most people go with a Collet Die if there is a brass life/stretching issue. As RCBS states, they don't keep your cartridge case from stretching, the mandrel somehow adjusts for it... and I've never spent the time to digest how, exactly.~Muir

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    have you looked at LEE collet dies

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    57jl you seem to be resurecting an old post here. Lee collet dies are very popular here in the U.K. they seem to have really caught on where as the RCBS X dies failed to find a market. From what Muir says it's the same in the U.S.

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