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Thread: Floor plate bits for rem 700

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    Floor plate bits for rem 700

    I have a 22-250 remington 700 thathas an internal or blind magazine.

    To remove rounds you have to cycle the bolt which is damaging the bullets a's they are ejected.

    I was was wondering if anyone has done a mag conversion and has the floor plate Parts left over that I could buy.

    I am changing the stock anyway and there are a lot more available for floor plate guns.

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    Hi tom
    I have done a conversion to a Remmy 700 Sendero 25-06, but its long action, and the kit I got is only available in long action (from the US - KLIK), you can buy a really nice set-up but it will set you back about 150-180, I saw them at Newark, my mate bought one for his Howa, I will call him and get the company name. Riflecraft did them as well but a 100 MORE !!! looked the same to me ! To be honest, if you have not bought the stock yet, DONT, save your money, get rid of the Remmy 700 ADL (yes, I had one and it would not shoot worth a damn) and buy the SAKO for sale on here, stainless, synthetic stock, mag, and its a SAKO nothing more to say . . and it will always be worth what you paid for it, tinkering with a base Remmy model will only be a waste of CASH, my thoughts, your decision.
    brgds FlyBoy270
    cheers FlyBoy270

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    One more thing . . I converted my Remmy because it was a heavy barelled Sendero, probably the best 700 ever produced, HS precision stock with aluminium chassis, timney trigger, jewelled bolt, and hand finished. Adding a 10 round box mag made it into the ultimate Fox gun, good for 600yds. The guy I sold it to is over the moon with it !


    Yes, I do have a few SAKO's: 17HMR Quad, + 2 barrels, 223 HB SAKO 75, 22-25 SAKO A2 Border barrel McMillan Stock, 25-06 SAKO 75 Hunter, 270 SAKO 75 Finnlight.
    but I have others as well,
    308 Howa HB Stainless, 7mm WSM Howa, 300 WinMag Browning A bolt, 338 WinMag Mauser, 308 CF2, 303 Lee Enfield No4, 22 RF Ruger 10/22, 22RF Browning A bolt

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    Thank you for your comments but I am lookinf for the parts to convert to a floor plate. Not a mag system or a sako

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    Give roger a call (rimfire majic),he has a bucket of floorplate's for remmy 700's.

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    So Sorry, did not read your post properly, just scanned it and saw Mag Conversion,
    my most humble apologies

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARKG View Post
    Give roger a call (rimfire majic),he has a bucket of floorplate's for remmy 700's.
    Email sent!


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    All sorted now chaps,

    Rimfire Magic sorted me out. They have kits already made up consisting of floorplate/trigger guard, mag box, follower and replacement screws all for 40.

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