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Thread: Sako .375 H&H Mag L61R (Finnbear) Bolt Action rifle. Mid '70s vintage

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    Sako .375 H&H Mag L61R (Finnbear) Bolt Action rifle. Mid '70s vintage

    Still available, despite some keen interest. Open to offers.

    Really nice condition 1970's rifle. Proper build quality with Sako Mounts and German Schmidt & Bender top class scope. Shoots beautifully.
    Only for sale as a safari .375 Blaser barrel became available to me!
    I've put 5 rounds through the Finnbear at the range, and it shoots really well.
    Very good quality, and in beautiful condition.
    It also has original open sights fitted.

    Barrel: 24", Stock: 14"
    Scope: Schmidt & Bender 4x36

    Serial: 60368

    PM me for further details. It is on Guntrader.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails rifle_375_004.jpg   rifle_375_007.jpg   rifle_375_006.jpg   rifle_375_005.jpg   rifle_375_003.jpg  

    rifle_375_002.jpg   rifle_375_001.jpg  
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    I'm sorely tempted - I have an identical one, of similar vintage, in .300WM. Lovely guns that are superbly built and very accurate.


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    They are, and would make an brilliant pair! Similar, but also very, very different!
    As I've said, it's only going as I've just bought a new Blaser Safari .375 Mag and have done a 'one for one'.
    It is with a really good friend of mine who's a ballistic expert, and does all my reloading etc. He's between oxford and Swindon. He'll make you some 'amazing' ammo for both, if you need him to!
    It is well worth viewing, it is exactly as described.....Best jono

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    I've got a Finnbear in 270. Rebarrelled it with a Shilen barrel when I shot it out.
    One of Sako's best.
    Wish I could afford it.

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    Hi that's too short!!

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    The line of creditors is just TOO long.

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