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Thread: Roe on the Radio

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    Roe on the Radio

    Just to let you know that I recorded a small feature for Radio Scotland about the Roe rut and deer management.
    Objectives were to explain why we manage the deer, a little info on Roe deer and how wild venison is the ultimate healthy,ethical and sustainable resource from the countryside.
    For those none believers among you I can promise we did actually get a buck.
    Hopefully it comes across alright, we had a bit of a whispered chat in the high seat while we were waiting in between calling so there might be some Roe info, breeding, background etc.
    You will see via the link that I work with the winner of the RSPB Nature of Farming Award for Scotland. Our demonstration site has such a rich mix of wildlife and fauna due the the active wildlife management that takes place and I hope this comes across in the feature.
    For those of you south of the border or that are out stalking when the programme goes out at 0630 hrs you can catch it via the i-player.

    It was recorded Wednesday 30th July so all being well it will be on tomorrow August 2nd.

    All the best


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    Well done Ben, spread the word I am looking forward to listening to it. Of course it shall be via the iplayer


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    Only a little piece on a Roe ring as we were having a walk round on todays programme.
    Hopefully the actual Roe rut bit should be either featured a little in this Sundays edition or it should be on next week.

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    I listened to the broadcast, I was hoping for the buck being taken but the reporter was more interested in the "courting". Next time maybe.


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    That was from a farm walk round a couple of weeks ago.
    The buck/rut feature was done separately on Wednesday 30th July.
    If it doesn't make it on tomorrow, fingers crossed for next saturday.

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