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Thread: NOBEL no1 and no 0 powder info required please.

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    NOBEL no1 and no 0 powder info required please.

    Just been given some new unopened tins of ICI nobel no1 and no 0 powders along with some hodgdon H414 and Vihtavuori N140, Has anybody out there got any reloading data for the nobel powders please.

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    What cartridge and bullet weight are you looking for Sinbad.

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    ive got an original nobel loading manual somewhere.

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    I have the original ICI Nobel powder manual.
    What info do you require?

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    I use a browning x bolt in .223rem that likes 55gr federal powershocks and have just got a ruger no1v in 6mm rem that I have not had time to try yet ( been told that it likes 85gr noslers). I am just getting started into reloading so am open to any hints and tips that you have. Also waiting for a 6mm die to arrive,

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    I have been searching the www for info and had a look on reloaders nest the nobel 1 and 0 are listed as slow burning but no other info , If you can find the manual would be grateful if you could get back to me.

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    Is that Rifle No 1 and No 0 or Revolver (hopefully Rifle!)? Are you sure you want to use the powder? Even if the tins are unopened, I don't think it's been made for years (although I stand to be corrected)?

    Just a thought.


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    Sinbad I've just had a look at my old Nobel guide. Only loads using Rifle number 2 and Rifle number 3 powders are listed for .223rem, and 6mm Rem is not listed at all.

    I used to use Rifle0 and Rifle1 for my .270 and .308 loads with good results. Pretty certain the Nobel powders you have aren't suitable for .223rem.

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    Now then Nobel in my book only list Rifle 2 powder and Rifle 3 for 223 calibre along with revolver 1 so it must be a more updated manual you req.

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    Stu you probably have the same guide as me, can't find a date on it. Revolver 1 is for cast bullet loads only in .223rem ?

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