A thouroughly enjoyable afternoon, (I was a bit late getting there) and as usual I was in a bit of a rush leaving home, although Catton is only 20mins down the road, I was in that much of a rush I left without bino's, bipod, and worst of all the mag for my Tikka T3 and as all you T3 owners know it's a pain trying to feed rounds without the mag. Oh yes, also forgot ear defenders, so, many thanks to Steve and son Josh, (I've forgotten Steves site name) for sorting me out with some ear plugs.

Weather was not too bad, a small breeze that came and went, and a little drizzle that started at about 2:15 so I decided to call it a day.

Many thanks too Carl, Venison 17, family and freinds for organising an enjoyable day out and I'll see you in May, hopefully not forgetting any gear next time, Doh !!! ....callie