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Thread: Good books?

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    Good books?

    I have read non fictions books by UK writers from Bell, Corbett and Patterson(Tsavo lions.) I have also read the Alan Quartemaine series. Do you have any suggestions of historical non-fiction books on hunting? Do you have any suggestion for any historical or mystery or action books by UK writers that involve hunting? For that matter any real good novle, that might not be well known in the US would be appreciated. Hopefully these will be avaliable realitively cheaply. thanks, capt david

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    One of the best non fiction books you could ever lay your hands on is 'African Rifles and their Cartridges' by John Taylor.
    Not only does it give full details on the African Rifles and their loads and performance etc but gives superb accounts of hunting various African game.
    A superb read.

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    I bought boxed set of Corbett books and others by Taylor, try also Kennith Anderson, 9 man eaters and one rogue, he wrote five books all about hunting in India, man eaters etc, he used a Winchester 95 in 405 win. I buy lots of my books from Safari Press in America, still cheaper than buying in England at times, check their lists. Lots of writers from the 1900s to today, but I've read Corbett and Anderson time and time again, Bruce Kinlocks recollections of his days as a game warden, Taylors Man eaters and Marauders were on my Xmas list as was Gentleman Hunter by Peter Byrne who traced Corbett's steps in the 70s, all from S. Press deerwarden.

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    The one with me in it , digging the dirt , by johny bluck .

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    I am no great fan of John "Pondoro" Taylor as a man, but he told a good tale.

    Bruce Kinloch wrote Shamba Raiders which is fabulous.

    One who is often neglected is Sir Samuel White Baker, anything he wrote is well worth a read;

    The Rifle And Hound In Ceylon. (1853)
    Eight Years' Wanderings In Ceylon. (1855)
    The Albert N'Yanza Great Basin Of The Nile; And Exploration Of The Nile Sources. (1866)
    The Nile Tributaries Of Abyssinia; And The Sword Of Hamran Arabs. (1867)
    Cast Up By The Sea Or The Adventures Of Ned Grey, A Book For Boys. (1869)
    Ismailia - A Narrative Of The Expedition To Central Africa For The Suppression Of Slave Trade, Organised By Ismail, Khadive Of Egypt. (1874)
    Cyprus As I Saw It In 1879 (1879)
    In The Heart Of Africa. (1886)
    Wild Beasts And Their Ways, Reminescenses Of Europe, Asia, Africa And America. (1890)
    True Tales For My Grandsons. (1891)

    My favourite American Big Game authour is Peter Hathaway Capstick (Death in the long grass!), closely beating Robert Ruark.

    My favourite (American again, I'm sorry!) BGH fiction is Ernest Hemingway’s story, “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” !

    John Buchan's novel "John McNab" has to be my favourite British stalking related fiction.

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