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Thread: well just picked up my new toy!!

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    well just picked up my new toy!!

    McKillop Custom No#1 .243

    Well picked up the new toy from Mr Neil McKillop yesterday and I haven't stopped smiling!!
    The toy in question is a nice Ruger no#1 action with a stainless 1/8 twist heavy fluted 20" border barrel all now nestling in a nice Bell & Carlson synthetic stock (although I also have the original walnut stock and forend to refinish, it is quite well figured although a bit tired looking)
    Well what can I say, the machine and engineering work as usual was boringly precise as anyone who has had work done by Neil will testify.
    The overall balance even with the synthetic stock & heavy 20" tube is spot on, the action is silky smooth in use and the trigger is nothing short of sublime (which was a very pleasant surprise have shot a few no 1's in the past)
    As mentioned the tube is a heavy fluted 1/8 twist Border and given the fast twist should handle it should handle heavier bullets between 90grn - 107grn very acurately (whereas bizarrely your std "off the shelf" 1/10 twist .243 is more suited to 55grn - 80grn, although most stalkers prefer 100grn)
    I was after a compact rifle for use from both the confines of a 4x4/ATV for park culling and for easy carry and use from a high-seat, well again Neil has come up with the goods, given fact that the Ruger no#1 is based on the old Farquharson falling block action and has no bolt the action is very short and that coupled with the short 20" barrel the overall length of the rifle (or should that be carbine) comes in at a smidge over 26 1/2" and it fits very nicely in my 12ga break down case for the over/under.
    The balance is absolutely perfect and when the rifle is in the shoulder the weight is between your trigger hand and your leading hand and makes the rifle very easy to shoot off hand @ 100yds, although I have no scales at home to weigh the rifle so I cant give and idea of its weight.
    Well after zeroing last night @ 100yds with some very quickly knocked together homeloads (THANKS BOB, aka SCOTLAND RIFLES as usual your loads are spot-on) using 33grn of IMR 4895 and some old 85grn Nosler spbt that were in the back of the cabinet and the only 1" tube scope I had available which was a cheap old Nikko Stirling GC 4-12x50, I am very pleased to say the rifle returned an average group of around 1/2"-3/4" @ 100yds when I did my bit using a bipod and the bonnet of the truck, EVEN Bob managed to put a neat 3 round group in the bull that were touching (sorry Bob only joking mate although the look on your face was priceless when you realised you left the bolt for your 6mmBR at home, I can take the p1$$ you see my rifle has no bolt to leave at home)

    here are a few pics to look at

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    That is a cracking looking rifle, congratulations!!! I never realised that you could get after market stocks for the Nr 1. It looks a bit strange with the short barrel but you got it the way you want it. The beauty of the nr 1 is that you can have a 26" barrel and overall rifle length is no longer than a 22" barreled bolt rifle. Enjoy, I think that my next rifle will be a nr 1
    Regards Toby
    PS I'm guessing chambering is 243 Win / 243 AI?

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    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I really like that. If it wasnt for the fact that I have just promised I would never buy another firearm, the ticket would be off for a variation immediately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, I really like that. If it wasnt for the fact that I have just promised I would never buy another firearm, the ticket would be off for a variation immediately.
    Of course promises are made to be broken just ask any MP....................... Go on you know you want one

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    looks superb, just bought a no1v in 6mm rem plan on rebarrelling it to 7x57 or 7.08 when funds allow,
    Must be honest tho never thought of getting a synthetic stock for it ( always liked the traditional look of the no1) Just changed my mind looking at yours!! (more money required now)
    Hope you enjoy it

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    Thanks for the comments guys, and yes it is .243win, I did have the AI option but considering the extra powder/throat erosion for a measely 200-300fps gain I decided against it, plus .243 has NEVER let me down even with big Fallow bucks and pumped-up Sika stags

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    Nico, I tried twice to put this entry on the BBS site but each time it 'timed out' so here goes for a try on this site.
    I'm not in favour of single shot rifles for culling, particularly when the opportunity arises for more than one animal to be taken as it may encourage the second shot to be hurried
    Also, not that I have needed it yet, but there may be a time when a follow up shot is needed in quick time.
    I can understand your joy and satisfaction at owning a precision rifle and the satisfaction of a nice clean single humane shot, so really we are looking at two different situations here, Stalking for sport and culling large numbers.
    Even culling Park Deer, I would feel more comfortable with the ability to have a quick follow up shot if needed as the odd 'jaw shot' does happen
    I know Niel's work is second to none so you certainly went to the right man

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    "I know Neil's work is second to none so you certainly went to the right man"


    Best Rgds


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