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Thread: Where to buy Prvi ammo in Dorset?

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    Where to buy Prvi ammo in Dorset?

    I am from Poole and I have been unable to find anywhere that stocks Prvi ammo in dorset other than sportsman who have it on back order and are an hours drive away!

    Want to try it in my recently aquired 22-250.

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    Tom, Have you asked the Dive Shop on the quay to get some in, he didn't have any in when I was there last but there's no reason why he can't get it in is there?
    Failing that, how about the one at Christchurch, that's not far from Poole

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    Yes I asked at forward diving services and they dont stock it. Tal arms in christchurch are more focused on air rifles and all of the ammo they do is extortionate!

    I spoke to Henry Krank and as the importers they said they can supply any RFD, the only problem is that they charge 25 to deliver up to 10kg.

    I just want to try some to see if my gun likes it.

    Dont suppose you had any luck finding those floorplate bits?

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    Sorry no, I've just 'Spring Cleaned' my cupboard, or at least part of it, and found alsorts but no floor plate I'm afraid.
    I didn't realise I have so many Warne Mounts of various heights and types though !!!!

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    I'll be in touch then when I finally find a S&B 8x56 as I will need some mounts.

    I sourced the bottom metal through Rimfire magic. Thanks for your help.

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    it dont matter where you buy it, its still cra********** !

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrYou View Post
    it dont matter where you buy it, its still cra********** !
    Tools are only as good as the user
    I find them as good as any other more expensive ammo and I know quite a few others find the same.
    They do seem to be 'Rifle specific' but generally they are very good value and the brass is definately as good as any other for reloading

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    He is in Shaftesbury. He's a nice chap but is quite ill so sometimes you have to be patient on him getting things ...

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