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Thread: Land Rover - Freelander

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    Land Rover - Freelander

    How good or bad are they? I've heard many derogatory comments about the original vehicles. But how good are the 2005 to 2006 Freelanders? And how good are the new Freelander 2 vehicles? Feedback from people who have actually owned this model motor would be appreciated. I'm particularly interested in the reliability and off road performance rather than My Toyota is way better etc...
    Thanks in advance

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    Should have added... I'm only interested in the diesel engine models. I wouldn't touch a K series engine with a barge pole!

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    The newer Freelander with the 2.2 TD4 is a really good car, very good drive and not too hard to run.

    Not sure what date that one was introduced, so cannot comment on the 05/06 thing. Very expensive though, nearly the same money as a Disco year for year.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I have one of the last of the old model Freelander and have had this car for about 4 years. Don't use it a lot and it has just over 60,000 on the clock. The only major repair has been when the clutch slave cylinder decided to go. This part forms part of the clutch assembly and therefore a complete new clutch/pressure plate/slave cylinder was required. I don't believe this to be a common fault, I don't abuse the clutch but a new clutch at less than 60,000 miles gives food for thought. Apart from this I like the car, it drives well and returns nearly 40 mpg on a run. I think it's insurance group 12.
    Unlike other landrovers it does not have constant 4 wheel drive and has no low ratio box. I do not have off road tyres on the car but I know you can get them. Comparing the Freelander to a more dedicated off road vehicle it does not have the ground clearance for the rougher stuff and without low ratio it is not the first vehicle I would chose for regular off road ventures. Having said that I attended an off road driving day last year and witnessed a Freelander going round the track.
    Boot space is adequate and it can carry five adults in moderate comfort. I tow a trailer and quad bike with it very easily but don't know how they would be with the likes of a caravan.
    If you take it to Landrover for a service expect to part with a large wedge of cash. The transmission system has been known to cause major problems on some Freelanders which I would think would not be a cheap repair.
    I have looked at the Freelander 2. Nice motor but for the money they hold I think you could get better.

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    Hi MJ,

    I had one of the old Freelanders, and off road it was amazing! It would go where the Discovery wouldn't, being so much lighter. However, that is as far as it went. The rest of it was a load of old rubbish! Unreliable, expensive to fix. Everything that ever went wrong with it was over 300. It was expensive to run. It was NEVER made to put up with the rigours of country life. The suspension wasn't up to the job. It was originally made to compete with the Toyota Rav4.

    However, my Brother had one of the new Freelanders, and it really is truly a superb vehicle. It's man enough to put up with what we would use it for (Other than towing really heavy loads), it's economical, great to drive. Overall a brilliant car. Our Vet has one of them too, and swears it's the best car he's ever owned.

    Do yourself a favour mate - stay AWAY from the old style freelanders!!!!!! ............ I can talk with experience having spent thousands on the piece of ****, and it was worth sod all when I sold it! Buy yourself the new shape Freelander.

    Hope that helps you,



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    My wife had a Freeloader 2. Bloody awful. Part the cars fault and mostly the dealers. Aircon repeatedly failed and they tried ' you're only a woman, you arn't using it right'! Then engine management warning lights and dealers said 'you must be confused, the diagnostics never lie'. But someone was because the techie said it was rebooted from scratch. Then massive wheel wobble, took them three visits for wheel balancing and 300 miles of round trips to find mud building up in the back of the alloys (never been off road). Fuel consumption nothing like what was advertised.
    Others have had problem free motoring, but a c**p 90 and that awful S2 Freeloader means even if I won the Lotto I wouldn't touch another L.R product with someone else's bargepole. No-one at the dealers would ever apologise and even after paying for a new FL HSE they never took us seriously and tried to make out the product was flawless.
    Product, 3 ex 5.
    Dealers 1 ex 10.

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    I too have had very bad experiences with Land Rover and their dealers. I've never owned a Land Rover despite trying to buy one but after they tried to sell me a car they had no title to they couldn't get me out of the salesroom door quick enough and on writing to their CEO the response I got was, in summary, "yeah, we tried to pull a fast one. Don't call us, we'll call you."

    I can assure you that I will never, ever, be contacting them again (and needless to say i never heard from them again) and if I'm given a free LR will not be having one. If they treat me like that when I'm spending a lot of cash with them what would the attitude be like once something went wrong with the vehicle and I was stranded at the side of the road?

    So, my advice is that you don't ever touch anything made or marketed by LR, apart from anything else take a look on the LR forums and even threads about new cars are almost entirely about what has gone wrong and how difficult and costly it was to fix. I bought an X Trail and have been realy impressed by it - 45mpg at the minute, reasonable off road, 200 for a main dealer service, piles or room and lots of goodies that LR charge a fortune for. It might not be for you but I'd suggest not touching LR stuff with someone elses bargepole.

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    One word, one word only............ S H I T E !

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    I've got a 54 plate Freelander commercial which is my main shooting vehicle, great for lamping in the summer, awesome for carrying the dogs in and all the shooting kit that I carry.

    It has some nice big chunky wheels on for the off road, which does give it the ground clearance that it requires. It now goes very where and anywhere, often places that my buddies disco wont go.

    I will say that I have had my fair share of problems with it, but it has done 114k and I would say that the costs have been so far comparable to my old passat, the clutch slave cylinder has just gone.. But not too concerned by this. Overall I would say that it is a great little vehicle and works a treat for my. It has its faults and is nowhere near perfect. But horses for courses.

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    TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE stay clear of landrover

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