Hi everyone.

I live and work in Hampshire and am currently studying the NC Gamekeeping qualification at Sparsholt college. They have some excellent deer facilities including the newly opened game larder (or the ''Game and wildlife centre'' as it is called for PR reasons...) which I was lucky enough to be selected to assist skinning and butchering deer whilst visitors had a look round.
I'm on my final year now and it has been a great experience. I have acquired a few tickets relevant to deer stalking. I have my DSC level 1, large game meat hygiene & general food hygiene (so I can cut out the middle man! )
Unfortunately due to being a poor student (self funded -no hand outs from mummy and daddy!) I've been struggling to get the money together for licenses, safes, firearms...etc.. so have only done assisted stalks, have shot a few Roe & Munjac and have gralloched, skinned and butchered every UK species (apart from CWD ofcourse!)
Once I have finished I'll be full time and should get my certificates and gear A.S.A.P. I will be registering for my DSC2 before I leave Sparsholt in May.

Well that's pretty much me done. look forward to getting involved on the forum pages. Cheers