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Thread: Rangemaster Precision Arms information(formerly RPA International Ltd)

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    Rangemaster Precision Arms information(formerly RPA International Ltd)

    This is to let your forum know that the business previously known as RPA International (this sounds a bit like Prince!) has been purchased by an asset sale by Rangemaster Precision Arms Limited (Rangemaster). The business will continue to operate from its S England location.

    Some of you have made kind comments about the quality of our products and even, at times, our service. Rangemaster hopes to continue in this tradition and if possible to improve what we do.

    It is our intention to honour all warranty claims for kit sold by RPA International.

    We will not be at IWA, as due to recent events, it was inappropriate.

    Thanks for your support, and sorry for those that hoped we would disappear from the marketplace. We believe that our products represent a good example of what the Brits do well, and we are proud of that tradition.

    Rangemaster Precision Arms Limited

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    Good luck, When my mate and I visited we had a look round held a few, talked all things guns and generally had a great time looking at great products.

    If I had the money you would be on the short list of what to go for. Kind of you to also underwrite RPAI warranty.

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    I had a long chat with a sales person at Rangemaster Precision Arms on monday. Apparently they are about to REDUCE THE PRICE !!!!!! of all Hunter, Highland, Woodland and Interceptor rifles so the price will come in at less than 3k per rifle. This chap also suggested that they might bring out a new range of rifles that will be 3lbs lighter than existing models.

    Lets hope their customer service improves !!!!

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    Hmmm I wonder why someone would hope they disappeared? they might not be my cup of tea but those I have seen shoot well. I might have even shot a Rangemaster (RPA) but cannot recall if I actually did or not. Might have to ask Carl next time and have a couple of shot with it.

    Good luck with your enterprise.

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    Sounds good a mate of mine just bought the Woodland i believe ! so he will be happy to know he has suport ....



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