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    Hello all,

    An introduction? Well usual stuff, DSC1, done a bit of stalking but not for a while. EMCc on here might remember me. Used to enjoy going stalking pay-per-day with the late Ian Ballard. Few munty's on my pest control shoot to keep my hand in.
    Serial rifle changer, everything from 6.5x55, .270WSM, .308, .30-06 etc etc..Looking to get a new .308 as I'm without stalking rifle at the minute.

    Will be looking for advice on here and stalking opportunities in the mid's/south.



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    Hi John, welcome aboard. This is a good site for info and, if you are fitter than I and willing to travel, a good site for making friends.
    Post a few of your outings and see what others think of it, you'll sure to get some stick but it is all in fun.

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