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Thread: Steyr SSG PI, SSG P11 or Elite ?

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    Steyr SSG PI, SSG P11 or Elite ?

    Hi all and thanks in advance,
    I am currently looking at purchasing one of the following rifles;
    A brand new SSG PI in .308 or
    a very well looked after SSG PII again in .308 or
    a like new Elite in .308.

    A mate of mine has both the PII and the Elite, both of which are in excellent condition.

    I have other rifles for both target and varminting use so this new rifle would be used for a minor bit of informal target work and varmint but mainly for deer stalking.
    I am leaning towards the PII but i am considering chopping the barrell down to either 20'' or 22'' and fitting a moderator.

    and advice would be most welcome..


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    Hi, I have owned a SSG in .308 ever since they banned semi auto rifles and I am delighted with it. Can I suggest you check out shortning the barrel with Steyr. My SSG has a very slight restriction in the barrel close to the muzzle. I believe that this a feature of these rifles. Cutting down the barrel might remove this and might affect accuracy. BUT I aint no expert!!

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    No real difference between a PI and PII. But a completely different animal to the Elite.

    It really depends upon what type of stalking you do. I have one and by the time you add the scope and moderator (what with the heavy chrome lined barrel), i wouldn't want to carry it up and down hills all day.

    Also, get a light moderator as it gets very nose heavy.

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    I have 2 ssg`s 308,243. I shortened the barrel on the 308 down to 18 inches and it will shoot 1/2 to 3/4 inch groups with factory ammo all day long. Wish I homeloaded to see what I could get out of it?

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    Went down a different route altogether since March, custom Sako75.

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    Oh sorry mate had'nt seen when you had posted that.

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