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Thread: Sako 75 6mm PPC and Rem 700 7mm Rem Mag

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    Sako 75 6mm PPC and Rem 700 7mm Rem Mag

    Change of circumstances means I have to sell these on. Gutted as Ive not blooded either of them since buying late last year

    Sako 75 laminate in 6mm PPC

    Rare as a rare thing, scary accurate (.2's with almost any bullets under 80gr and easy .5 with 85 gr deer bullets) Couple of marks on the stock from use which has been pillar bedded. Has tactical knob fitted, Includes PES mod, dies (no turn neck, custom cut for chamber), 100 new lapua 220 russian brass, bullets etc 1000

    Remington 700 PSS in 7mm Rem Mag

    Rifle Basix LV1 8oz-24oz trigger, B&C medalist tactical stock, Picatinny rail, JETZ Compact mod, Forster Dies, 350 rounds once fired brass and a selection of bullets
    Usually it shoots .3-.4 Excellent long range and Deer/Boar rifle. 700


    Pics to follow

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    if anyone wants pics please pm your email address and ill forward them

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    PPC now gone.

    7 Rem still available

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