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Thread: When its not your time to die

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    When its not your time to die

    Amazing was that skill or pure luck he survived

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    I think the most skilled person in the equation was the person doing the CG imaging.

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    I agree. There is a "debunked" video on You tube showing that it's not real.~Muir

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    Yes, it's a CGI doctored vid that was a promo for the company who's name featured on the 'plane. It went viral on Youtube some months ago but was quickly spotted for what it is. Clever but not real.

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    had me fooled now i feel a muppet !!

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    Here is the debunked video.

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    & this is crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy :shock:

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrYou View Post
    & this is crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy

    i would try that lol ... not

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