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Thread: Bushnell Scopes for Foxing

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    Bushnell Scopes for Foxing

    I put post on here the other day and some of you kindly gave some suggestions. Just want to pick the brains of some of the avid fox shooters on here and also folk who had experienced of certain makes of scopes.

    Basically I had a rubish scope on my .17HMR so whilst I have been working on my .223 I have fitted my Nikon Monarch 6x24x50 onto my HMR, makes sense as I use it mainly for bunnies and can wind it up for longer shots and still have the option to take fox with the lamp. But I prefer to fox with my .223 but at present I have no scope.

    I am unsure if I should go fixed power, say 8 x 50 which would maybe be a second hand Swaro or the like or go with a cheaper variable (or maybe cheaper fixed power) Now my mate Pete who does lots more foxing than me and knows his stuff said he had heard some good report about Bushnell scopes. That doesnt surprise me as Michelle has Bushnell legends which I have to say are incredable optics for the price. Ok there not swaro quality but they really are cracking. So do any of you have any advice on Bushnell scopes or anything else that might be suitable?

    Many thanks for your time


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    I have the Bushnell elite 2.5 - 16 x 50 mm on my .223 it is the best scope yet, good clear optics and bang on the button

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    Well thtas one vote for them, did you view any others prior such as leoupolds?



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    I have a bushnell legend 3-9x40 on my .222, OK OK I know its no ziess or schmidt and bender, but it holds the zero, is sturdy and cost less than 200. I've never had any problems with it and have shot deer with it in the fading light. My only quibble with it is that eye releif is very sensitive compared to my Burris scope. Planning on putting a new Bushnell scope on it with a larger objective lens and relegating the currnet one to the .22lr.

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    I have a Bushnell Legend 4-12 X 40 on my 243 and it is great bit of kit have taken lamped foxes out to 150 yrds as well as hill hinds out as far as 300 for the money i cant fault it. I also have a Bushnell Banner 3-9 X 50 on my 30-06 this has performed brilliantly from Scotland to South Africa.They are both excellent in fading light.

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    I have a bushnell banner 3-9x50 on my fac rapid and I have 2 x bushnell legends 5-15x40 fitted to my Hmr and 22-250.

    I do a lot of lamping for rabbits and fox and these scopes are great for the money.

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    +1 for Bushnell Banner.
    I have the 6-18 x 50 on both the .22 rimfire and the foxing rifle. 6-18 may seem a bit ott but when you are zeroing you can see the results no problem on x18 and the upper range can also be handy on a tricky long shot.
    For the money they are excellent.


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    I've got an MTC mamba on the hornet and I was watching a fox at 290 yards with the lightforce 170, and could have easily taken the shot if it hadn't been on a hornet, and charlie hadn't been in front of a house! Quite far enough at night IMO.
    Mate's got a Bushnell (Sportsman I think?) on his HMR and that's a nice scope too - though mine has IR and side PA so I can use it more easily with the NV add-on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by aliS View Post
    My only quibble with it is that eye releif is very sensitive compared to my Burris scope.
    Fussy eye relief is what turned me away from the entire Bushnell range.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_R View Post
    Fussy eye relief is what turned me away from the entire Bushnell range.
    Im glad Im not the only one that noticed it! Have you noticed this sort of thing with any of the other low end priced scopes?

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