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Thread: tommys first deer

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    tommys first deer

    well i took my gsp tommy out to scotland for the first time stalking for 4 days and on the first outing i shot a lovely doe dropped with a neck shot there was another but it ran off after my shot so i let tommy go and straight away he was off air scenting towards where they had been standing now at first i think he had winded the one that had run so a quick call and he turned to come back but then he was on it he went straight to the doe which was unreal from where i had taken the shot diagonally through the trees this doe was on a ride with lots of debris and branches an in the last dying breath had managed to drop into a furrow underneath a branch and lay down ,she just looked like a big rock which are also scattered through the wood .he was cautious at first then with lots of priase got exited .it was like switching on a light he changed so much. he got the kidneys as his reward which he was well chuffed with and on the way home he tucked into the feet . now we did a video of this from start to finish and it was exellent but on the way home stopped to film some stags but i have recorded over nearly all the footage which im gutted about so will post some pictures soon atb wayne.
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    Glad he did the buisiness Wayne , how old is he ??
    atb Brian

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    hi brian he is 2 years old i have had him for around 4 months he has been doing well training so thaught i would get him out on a stalk and he was fantastic ,he was abit exited the next day as he knew what to expect he bounced a few deer we stalked into as he wanted to lead and his dog lead made a noise and they where gone but going to keep at it as i know he will settle as soon as i can get pictures and the remaining footage i will put it on,atb wayne

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    heres a picture of his first roe doe,atb wayneClick image for larger version. 

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