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Thread: What Dog???

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    What Dog???

    After reading a few threads on pros and cons for having a dog with you on your stalk i am unable to find any info on the actual breed used or recommended.As i am fairly new to deer stalking and a keen doggy person i think a four legged pal is just what i need.
    I have been shooting with rifles for along time (rimfires) and have always used my Jack russell to find Rabbits or Foxes but as she is 13 years old now i think i would be asking abit much from her never mind the height dis-advantage ..
    What dogs are you guys using.

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    I use a teckel mate he is spot on never fails you woudent go wrong they can get into the tightest off cover not like most bigger dogs all depends on terain I suppose nothing up way a good jack rusell either

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    Hi, i use a springer spaniel multi purpose breed does all i ask of him deer , game etc !!

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    Wire Haired Viszla

    I use him mainly for stalking, wildfowling, gameshooting and beating.

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    Cocker and lab, although the cocker isnt the ideal deer dog - being utterly mental from the moment they're born, they are good all round dogs. If I could fit another dog in the kennels it'd have to be one of the german pointer varieties, I think an out and out deer dog should have the weight to grab a deer if necessary.


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    I reckon if you like terriers and are happy using them and don't really want to change then look at a Jagd Terrier
    will do everything and more a jack will do , definately with more vigour
    and when it comes to baying deer or anything else to that matter they will never let you down
    just don't trust them with other dogs and you will never look back
    little expensive to require the right breeding but will be well worth it I reckon aslong as you can hadle it

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    who breeds jagd terriers over here

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble View Post
    who breeds jagd terriers over here
    Personaly I would import one in from a line I would be happy with, as any uk line is going to be short in the gene pool area unless they are getting fresh continetal lineage to breed from

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    Have you used them

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    Yes Trouble I hav for following up abroad and straight away realised the advantages over some of the terrier breeds I have worked in this country and seen working
    There was a guy that had one for following up on Sika, not sure if he still runs one or is even still alive as it been a few years , but at the time I thought it was an amazing dog with to much courage
    I did hear some terrier breeders over here were looking to bring in Jagd's to cross breed with their own line of terriers , don't know if that has happened either
    But they hav a huge following over the water and there is a reason for that

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