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Thread: Customers Finished Stag Mount.

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    Customers Finished Stag Mount.

    Hi, Guys, just finished up a stalkingdirectory members Red stag and he has asked me to post pictures for you. Glad you like it Gordon - see you next October. Bill.

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    wow, what quality, very nice mount,congrats

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    Looks excellent Bill, well done!

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    Wow - that is incredible. Very nice mount.

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    Fantastic mount and great work by a master of is trade
    best regards Dave (Jelen deer services )

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    Thanks for the compliments guys - your kind words is appreciated. Dave, that stag I shot with Mike in the Forest of Dean, is completed as well and I will post pictures when I get time. Cheers, guys. Bill.

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    Just a question, do you use woodwool and clay, or manakin, looks good which ever

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    Hi, Taff - I use both. It depends on the size of the deer and whether a suitable sized manakin is available. I also use wood wool to add features to the form that might be missing, and is desirable for a nice mount. Strange as it may seem, often a small Red stag for instance, will cost more to produce as it has to be made from the skull and building all the features. Bill

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    Nice job mate very impressive.

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    Looks a cracking job, often wondered if I shot a good head approximately what it would cost to mount or if it was into the boiling pot
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